Versus Evil The Hand of Merlin

The Hand of Merlin is a turn based rogue lite RPG in which Arthurian legend meets with sci fi horror. Recruit mortal heroes to explore lands rife otherworldly evil, make narrative bending choices in unique interactive encounters, search for lost fragments of your soul across multiverse!


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Excalibur Publishing Victory at Sea: Pacific

Victory at Sea Pacific is the exciting game of naval RTS combat set during World War II. Bringing an epic approach to real time strategy war gaming, search and destroy enemy fleets across an open world sandbox in a desperate attempt to change course of history.


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Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc DARK SOULS™ III The Ringed City™

The Ringed City is the final DARK SOULS III expansion. Journey to world’s end to search for and encounter new lands, bosses, enemies with armor, magic items.


6.12EUR Détails / Commande

Electronic Arts Crysis 3

The fate of the world is in your hands. New old enemies threaten peace worked so hard to achieve 24 years ago. Your search for Alpha Ceph continues, but this time you'll also need to expose truth behind C.E.L.L. corporation. It won't be easy, Nanosuit helps clear a path to victory. Craft a stealthy attack to defeat opponents quietly, or decimate enemy with a blaze of brute force. There's no wrong way to save world.


9.55EUR Détails / Commande

TinyBuild Hello Neighbor VR: Search and Rescue

Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue is a groundbreaking VR horror puzzle game where you sneak into your creepy neighbor's house to save friend.


10.97EUR Détails / Commande

Ersatzteil component (Porte lentille grand plastik) Lumière de recherche

Composant (support de lentille grand plastique) LED SL 600 DMX Search Light


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Basse déf. : search terms nicolas thély Ed. B42

nicolas thély


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Fulqrum Publishing King's Bounty: Armored Princess

King's Bounty: Armored Princess is a standalone sequel to the critically acclaimed King’s The Legend. Players will take on role of Amelie who travels around world of Teana searches for renowned knight, her mentor, Bill Gilbert. This new of is full of mysteries dangers. character, Princess, encounter horrible creatures, huge monstrous bosses a race, bloodthirsty Lizards. As in multi award winning game on which this is based, player has many options


1.52EUR Détails / Commande

Re Logic Terraria

Dig, Fight, Explore, Build: The very world is at your fingertips as fight for survival, fortune, and glory. Will delve deep into cavernous expanses in search of treasure raw materials with which to craft ever evolving gear, machinery, aesthetics? Perhaps will choose instead to seek out greater foes to test mettle in combat? Maybe decide to construct own city to house host of mysterious allies may encounter along travels?


6.05EUR Détails / Commande

Tomb Raider Legend

Follow Lara Croft down a path of discovery as she travels the globe to remote, exotic locales in search of one of history's greatest artifacts that unleashes unwelcome figures from Lara's mysterious past. With guns blazing, must use her athletic ability and intellectual wits to explore vast, treacherous tombs, riddled with challenging puzzles deadly traps. Experience an adrenaline fueled adventure in Tomb Raider: Legend!


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